Submissions from 2022


Non-autophagy Role of Atg5 and NBR1 in Unconventional Secretion of IL-12 Prevents Gut Dysbiosis and Inflammation, Seth D. Merkley, Samuel M. Goodfellow, Yan Guo, Zoe E R Wilton, Janie R. Byrum, Kurt C. Schwalm, Darrell L. Dinwiddie, Rama R. Gullapalli, Vojo Deretic, Anthony Jimenez Hernandez, Steven B. Bradfute, Julie G. In, and Eliseo F. Castillo

Submissions from 2021


Design and Construction of a Biosafety Level 3 Autopsy Laboratory, Kurt B. Nolte, Timothy B. Muller, Adam M. Denmark, Ron Burstein, and Yvonne A. Villalobos