About the UNM Digital Repository

UNM’s Digital Repository is an open access institutional repository created to preserve, gather and disseminate scholarship, research and cultural works created by UNM faculty, staff and students within UNM departments, centers and programs. The repository supports teaching and lifelong learning within the UNM campus and broader New Mexico community by making deposited materials permanently and freely accessible.

Authors and/or units may deposit works for which they are the sole rights holders, or for which they have obtained permission to submit from all co-authors, as long as at least one author is UNM affiliated.

Examples of content to contribute include:

  • Faculty: Research materials (e.g. working papers, preprints), publications (e.g. articles, books, databases), presentations, data sets, up-to-date open educational resources (OER).
  • Students: Honors theses, capstone projects, grant-funded projects.
  • Departments and Programs: Special lectures, newsletters, conference proceedings/events.
  • Journals: Open Access Journals produced or edited by UNM faculty, staff, or students (submission workflows, past issues, future issues).

Examples of content not appropriate to deposit includes (but is not limited to):

Personal works not published elsewhere and/or not published under the auspices of a UNM unit, center or department, works ephemeral in nature, and student’s regular class papers.

Deposited materials may be subject to review.

For more information about the UNM Digital Repository, please contact:

Digital Initiatives and Scholarly Communication (DISC)
Zimmerman Library B25, MSC05 3020
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque NM 87131-0001

More about DISC @ the UNM Library Web site