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Outreach and instruction librarians at the University of New Mexico, Main Campus launched the asynchronous, online Virtual Open House program during the 2021 lockdown in order to transition from “before-times” in-person tours to the paradigm of fully remote services. After a successful pilot, the program has continued as a sustainable, longer-term solution to staffing constraints even after University Libraries reopened to the public. This file collection captures planning documents and other program artifacts that will prove useful in replicating this event at other libraries.


event planning, outreach, academic libraries, first-year experience, orientation

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The zipped folder includes the following sub-folders and documents:

New Mexico Library Association (NMLA) 2022 Annual Conference

  • 10/28/2022 Warner Surbaugh NMLA 2022 Virtual Open House Presentation Slides (PDF)

  • UNM University Libraries 2022 Archived Virtual Open House v1 (PDF) -- This print-optimized version of the VOH contains active links and more accessible text; however, it is not an accurate representation of the appearance of the VOH

  • UNM University Libraries 2022 Archived Virtual Open House v2 (PDF) --This version best captures how the VOH looks


  • UNM Virtual Open House 2021 Program Plan (PDF)

  • UNM VOH 2022 Logistics (PDF)

  • VOH Email Messages to Library Partners (PDF)

  • VOH-Instructions Slides (PDF)


  • 2021 UNM Libraries Blog Post (PDF)

  • Open House Flyer and Half Sheet (PDF)

  • Open House Flyer (PDF)

  • Open House Instagram (JPG)

  • 2022 Social Post 1 (PNG)

  • 2022 Social Post 2 (PNG)

  • 2022 Social Post 3 (PNG)


  • Virtual Open House Assessment Report Template (Word)

  • Virtual Open House 2021 Assessment Report (PDF)

  • Virtual Open House 2022 Assessment Report (PDF)

  • UNM Library Virtual Open House Feedback – Google Form (PDF)