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interSEXtional pride


This poem is one of a trio of poems published in this volume titled, “at the interSEXtion of being GAY and CHICANX: Un Trío de Poemas,” that dive into what it means growing up as a gay, Chicanx light-skinned in the current times post the moviemento and through the strides of the queer liberation movement. The poems explore many facets of living at this intersection including, but not limited to, toxic masculinities, queerphobia, mental health, sexual assault, pride, etc. The poems also explore the notion of what it means to be mestiza as Mexicano and White and how this further complicates the lived experiences of those who live at this intersection. The poems explore this intersection from a Nuevo Mexicano perspective with deep ties to southern New Mexico and a familia that had the border cross them forcing them to alter citizenship status when in all reality they were and will always be Mexican. Hints of this historical past can be seen as the modern exploration of the gay Chicanx experience has ties back to the traumas of yesterday and today as well as how living in the margins of the margins has affected identity development in a world where being mestiza and gay has its own set of societal barriers.