Submission Guidelines

To submit writing, articles, photos, videos, musical compositions, etc., please follow these guidelines:

  1. On the journal's main page, Left Menu, click "Submit Article"
  2. LOG IN (choose one of the following)
    1. UNM Personnel & Student Submitters- "Login with UNM NetID"
    2. All Other Submitters - "Create a New Account" with a username & password
    3. Upload your works (one-by-one)
    4. Please include a 200-word biography with at least one submission explaining your work and connection to and/or interest in this region of the country.
    5. This journal edits texts with italics and accents for languages other than English. In submission documents, please include all titles and names as you wish to see them published.(one-by-one)

Submissions cannot have been previously published nor be forthcoming in an archival journal or published/soon-to-be-published book (print or electronic). Please note: "publication" in a working-paper series does not constitute prior publication. Additionally, by submitting material to Chamisa: A Journal of Literary, Performance, and Visual Arts of the Greater Southwest, the author is stipulating that the material is not currently under review at another journal (electronic or print) and that they will not submit the material to another journal until the completion of the editorial decision process at Chamisa. If there are any concerns about the submission terms for this journal, please contact: .

Writers should submit work in either Rich Text Format (rtf) or as a Word® document (.docx). For editing purposes, PDF files will no longer be accepted.

  1. Articles (research-based studies); 5,000-word limit
  2. Editorials; 5,000-word limit
  3. Literary and other Creative Works (poetry, prose, short stories, short plays, musical compositions, choreography notations, etc.)
    • Short Story (1-2 entries, 10-page limit each)
    • 10 Minute Play (1-2 entries, 5–12 pages each)
    • Short plays or excerpts from full-length plays not to exceed 10-12 pages
    • Poetry (1–5 entries, 1–5 pages each)
    • Musical Compositions with a short description of the piece(s), lyrics, and a link to the recording (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
    • Dance/Choreography Notations (1 entry, 3–5 pages); with a short description of the piece(s), and a link to the video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  4. Reviews/Criticism (play reviews, concert reviews, film reviews, exhibit reviews, etc.); 1,000-word limit
  5. Photo Portfolios/Photo Essays (visual arts, documentary material); for each image, or work, please provide artist name, title, date, and medium. If the photographer is someone other than the submitter, please include the name of the photographer.
    • Photographs (analog or digital, 3–5 titled and dated images)
    • Works on Paper (including, drawing and prints, i.e. engraving, etching, lithograph, serigraph, etc., 3–5 titled and dated images)
    • Paintings (including, oil on canvas/panel/Masonite/paper, acrylic on canvas/acrylic/Masonite/paper, watercolor on paper, etc., 2–5 titled and dated images)
    • Sculpture (including, wood, metal, ceramic, stone, paper, also, ofrendas and installation, etc., 1–3 titled and dated images)
    • Jewelry (including, precious metals, wood, stone, ceramic, etc., 1–3 titled and dated images)
    • Textiles (including, colchas, weaving, rebozos, sabanillas, and any other traditional textile forms, 1–3 titled and dated images)
    • Woodworking (bultos, retablos, nichos, furniture, and “decorative” objects, 1–3 titled and dated images)
    • Metalwork (iron, tin, copper, brass, etc., 1–3 titled and dated images)
    • Miscellaneous (including, body art i.e. tattoos, paño drawings, low-rider/car art, etc., 1–3 titled and dated images)
    • Cinematic Arts (stills, 3–5 titled and dated images)
    • Digital Media (3–5 titled and dated images)
    • Stage Design (3–5 titled and dated images)
    • Architecture (3-5 titled and dated images)
  6. Performance Videos (Theater, Dance, Music Concerts, Art, Poetry readings, etc.); with a short description of the piece(s), and a link to the video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  7. Non-Performance Presentation Videos (lectures, panels, conferences, interviews, oral histories, etc.); with a short description of the piece(s), and a link to the video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  8. Interviews (transcriptions of interviews, oral histories, etc.); 5,000 word limit
  9. Educational Resources (links to bibliographies, other related publications, videos, calendar of events, etc.); 5,000-word limit

  10. Fill out our submission form online during the period specified and attach an electronic copy of your work. Again, each document should be submitted in either Rich Text Format (rtf) or as a Word® document.

    Submissions may be in English or Spanish. For all other language submission questions, please direct them to .

    All images submitted should be high resolution.

    If there are any questions about the submission process or difficulties with this form or with online submission, please contact .