Co-Editors-in-Chief: Leila Flores-Dueñas
  Ray Hernández-Durán
  Irene Vásquez
Editors: Adán Ávalos, Visual Arts Editor
  Melisa García, Associate Editor
  Patricia Perea, Associate Editor
  Levi Romero, Poetry Editor
  Patricia Rosas-Lopátegui, Spanish Language Editor
  Moisés Santos, Associate Editor
  Mónica Sánchez, Playwriting Editor

Published annually by the University of New Mexico, Chamisa: A Journal of Literary, Performance, and Visual Arts of the Greater Southwest is an online, peer-reviewed, open access journal that showcases cultural production in the greater Southwest. The journal foregrounds multidisciplinary creative works of well-known and lesser-known artists and writers with connections to historical and contemporary communities in this region of the country. The journal’s main objective is to enrich our understanding of the value of the creative arts in the region by featuring the diverse views and experiences that shape the full range of esthetic expression. Additionally, the journal highlights creative community partnerships that produce arts to promote a greater awareness of the cultural and intellectual richness that characterizes life in the Southwestern states. Chamisa provides a space where academics, creatives, community members, and others with ties to this region of the country can showcase their ideas, originality, and artistry. Chamisa: A Journal of Literary, Performance, and Visual Arts of the Greater Southwest.

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