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Winter 12-20-2023


This peer-reviewed chapter serves as the Introduction to the final section of the book, Unframing the Visual: Visual Literacy Pedagogy in Academic Libraries and Information Spaces, edited by Maggie Murphy, Stephanie Beene, Katie Greer, Sara Schumacher, and Dana Statton Thompson, and published by the Association of College & Research Libraries (2023). As the introduction to the final section of the book, it introduces readers to the final theme of the 2022 Framework for Visual Literacy in Higher Education, a Companion Document (VL Framework) to the 2016 Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, “Learners pursue social justice through visual practice.” This theme discusses knowledge practices and dispositions as they pertain to the creation, dissemination, sharing, remix, and consumption of visual information. Through a social justice lens, the VL Framework empowers learners to critically reflect upon various visual information formats, how they are produced and disseminated, how they change throughout their lifecycles, and how learners can contribute to a more just society through creating more accessible, inclusive, and equitable visual media.

Because the chapter introduces each of the final six chapters speaking to this final theme of the VL Framework, it introduces concepts discussed in the chapters in this final section: accessibility, trauma-informed pedagogy in the archives, equity, inclusive representation, critical visual literacy praxis, teaching best practices, facilitating student-driven library exhibits, and more. A variety of formats of interest to information professionals are discussed in the chapters in this final section: maps, photographs, artworks, stickers, posters, exhibits, archival collections, and online media. In addition to these formats, information professionals will discover various processes familiar to them, infused with a critical visual literacy and social justice lens: intellectual property and copyright instruction, exhibition planning for student success initiatives, visual resources collection development, critical cataloging, archival collections best practices, and more.


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Unframing the Visual: Visual Literacy Pedagogy in Academic Libraries and Information Spaces

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visual literacy, social justice, critical pedagogy, critical cataloging, accessibility, critical collection development



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