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Summer 7-15-2022


The impact of social media on everyday life is undeniable. Social media has transcended its initial purpose of connectivity and branched into other sociocultural aspects. Educators must create a rich and active learning environment where students can actively engage with their educational curriculum. This study used a mixed methods approach to investigate the influence that learning management systems (LMS) and microblogging (social media) have on key elements of distance education design. These elements include social presence, sense of community, and overall user interface design. Students’ perceptions of these elements were collected from students enrolled in a graduate course during summer and fall 2020 by completing an adapted survey instrument built from previous scholarship. Data was analyzed quantitatively using non-parametric statistical testing. Qualitatively, instructors of record were asked a series of semi-structured interview questions that were analyzed using In Vivo, Values, and Pattern coding.

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Organization, Information and Learning Sciences

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Organization, Information & Learning Sciences

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Dr. Frances Wilkinson

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Dr. Victor Law

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Dr. Charlotte "Lani" Gunawardena

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Dr. Judith White




Social Media, LMS, Twitter, Social Presence, Sense of Community, User Interface

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