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Summer 7-15-2022


How can contour theory be used to analyze a composer’s setting of a poem? Can this approach provide insights that lead to an interpretation of the composer’s setting of the text? This study presents a new contour theory on text setting by examining two different settings of the same text. This theory examines one aspect of the music, the vocal line, and plots syllable’s locations in two dimensions of music: pitch space and duration. Using these data points, one can suggest an interpretation of the poem. Through the application of this theory to Fanny Hensel and Franz Schubert’s setting of “Du bist die Ruh” by Friederich Rückert and Barbara Kolb and Darius Milhaud’s settings of “Le vitrier” by Stephane Mallarmé, we see how this theory can suggest similar and different interpretations of the same text.

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Department of Music

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Richard Hermann

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David Bashwiner

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Karola Obermueller

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Olga Flora

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Kristin Ditlow




Music Theory, Contour Theory, Vocal Music, Song, Duration, Pitch Space

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