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Spring 5-4-2022


This composition portfolio consists of a series of works written during my master’s degree at the University of New Mexico. Each chapter in this collection includes a brief structural and aesthetic description as well as specific annotations regarding its instrumentation, writing style/system, and pitch collection (if existent). The compositions featured in this portfolio are: Orbits (Interstellar Cloud 1, 2021) for amplified large ensemble, Centaurus (2021) for amplified variable ensemble from 2 to 8 performers, Prisma (2020) for amplified modified Pierrot quintet, Sirius (2022) for amplified vocal ensemble, Wormhole (2021) for amplified solo violin, Space-Time Burst (2021) for amplified solo trombone and live electronics, and Nebula (Cloud 2, 2020) for four amplified bowed string instruments in any configuration + optional video projection.

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Department of Music

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Dr. Jose-Luis Hurtado Ruelas

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Dr. David Bashwiner

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Dr. Peter Gilbert




Composition portfolio, music score, multi-temporality, tridimensional projection, proportional relationships, graphic notation

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