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Summer 8-15-2022


Released in February 2022, the Reconciliation Framework is designed for non-Indigenous archivists in Canada who manage Indigenous holdings in their repositories, from acquisitions to outreach and all processes in-between. The document positions itself well amongst other related international standards that advocate for a reciprocal, ongoing relationship between archival institutions and the Indigenous communities they purport to represent and serve. The journey to final publication reaches back not only years and decades but also centuries, considering it was borne out of the aftermath of the terrible history of residential schools in North America. Recent formal calls to action demanded redress through equal parts respect, relevance, reciprocity, and responsibility. This new framework provides archivists with additional tools to begin difficult conversations and engage in hard (but rewarding) work of participating in this critical reconciliation process.

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reconciliation, archives, Indigenous, respect, relevance, reciprocity

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American Archivist Reviews