Creating a combined library and IT service desk for an academic health sciences campus

Richard Carr


QUESTION: How does a campus library and IT organization create a single service desk to provide all library and IT public service? BACKGROUND: At present, two service desks separately provide the UNM Health Sciences Center with 1) all library public service and 2) IT user support (account management, telephone help line, PC & mobile reimaging and repair). Library administration decided to combine those service desks at a single location and create a new unit to provide tier one' services, effective July 1, 2011. METHODS: Managers and staffs of both desks listed all services provided and sorted out tier one services (provided on the spot by the person on duty) from tier two and above (referrals). Library administration moved seven staff into the new unit and appointed a manager (the author). Staff of the new unit collaborated on designing the work area and developing and providing cross-training. RESULTS: As of the writing of this abstract (June 2011), planning and training is well underway. CONCLUSIONS: At the time of the October 2011 SCC Annual Meeting this poster session will report the status of the new team and desk, illustrate service levels, and describe our success (and bumpy spots) in creating a truly blended library/IT unit.'