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Clinical Morphology is the foundational anatomy course for UNM School of Medicine MD and PA curricula. This 9-week block overviews normal human anatomy, histology and embryology as they relate to clinical practice. It relies heavily on dissection laboratories, peer instruction, and team-based learning. This July, Clinical Morphology successfully transitioned to a fully online course, with optional weekly prosection labs supplemented with prosection videos. All content was delivered asynchronously, using a learning management system on which weekly Independent Learning Modules (ILMs) were posted. ILMs consisted of overview videos and high yield notes with learning objectives and associated content. Formative self-assessments were available for each ILM. Asynchronous learning time was allowed in order to prepare for synchronous sessions, which consisted of virtual anatomy dissection labs, peer instruction sessions, radiology active learning, and team based learning. Quantitative success was measured with weekly summative quizzes, virtual lab practicals, and a final summative exam. Qualitative success was assessed by end of block evaluations. Both qualitative and quantitative outcomes met or exceeded that of previous years. Key to the success of this transition, was solid and expert administrative support by our Curriculum Support Center, Academic Multimedia Services, Assessment and Learning, and the Applied Cognition program, which provided academic support for the students. Students’ ready acceptance and adaptability to virtual learning was notable, and commitment on the part of the instructors to complete the prosections and hold virtual dissection lab office hours also contributed. We plan to adopt the majority of the changes and innovations when we return to in-person classes in order to better support and challenge our students to succeed in self-directed and lifelong learning.


Poster presentation program - Including round tables by topics: Maximizing the Effectiveness of Online Learning.

This poster was presented during the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Education Days.



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