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Here at HSLIC we offer three emerging technology tools: Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, and the Anatomage Virtual Anatomy Table. We will present use cases that highlight the pedagogical value of these tools for all health sciences programs of study.

In addition to the VR Lab, the library has six Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets that anyone can check out for three days at a time. These are preloaded with apps for studying anatomy, practicing intubation, improving dexterity (in an OT context), and relieving stress (meditation, etc.). Faculty can also request that the Library purchase apps that might be useful for particular curricula.

HSC affiliates can use the Library’s Ultimaker S5 3D Printer for free. Students can print everything from individual bones or organs, to models of molecules and assistive devices. In the Spring of 2023, a College of Pharmacy student won 1st Prize at COP Research Day based in part on the use of HSLIC's 3D printing services.

The Anatomage Virtual Anatomy Table includes five digitized cadavers. The extremely high resolution digitization allows students to slice into the cadavers on any axis, perform virtual dissections, and isolate particular structures or systems for detailed examination. The Table also includes a case library with hundreds of CT and MRI scans, and a “Functional Anatomy” section with detailed animations of everything from individual joint movements to step-by-step vascular catheterization. The Table is available to badge-holders 24/7. Laminated region-by-region introductory guides are located next to the Table.


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