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The Peer Success Network: An Argument to Increase Employment of Student-Developed Resources that Improve Didactic Education

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The Peer Success Network aims to help the UNMSOM maximize efficiency in the didactics portion of medical education. We work cooperatively with core faculty, block chairs, and deans to create consistent resources for students. Our goal is to provide uniform resources each block to make the vast amount of material more manageable. To achieve this goal, we are developing resources to mitigate the continual adjustments students’ learning methods during the Phase I curriculum. These resources include multiple choice questions and high yield notes. We are creating a comprehensive question bank that challenges students with questions that are directly relevant to their curriculum. Our team has been compiling multiple-choice questions and using them to help the class of 2025 prepare for weekly quizzes and final exams. We are also creating a complete and streamlined library of high yield notes for the entire medical school curriculum. These notes correlate directly with both group sessions and board material. This collection will ease the workload for both students and faculty by providing a synthesis of the subjects covered each week. Faculty will be encouraged to review and revise the student generated high yield notes to fit their learning objectives. This project will decrease preparation time for educators by freeing them from creating material from scratch, potentially increasing time available to assist students. Each Medical School cohort is full of well-educated, hard-working, creative individuals capable of accomplishing incredible feats if their work is harnessed and utilized. The peer network has just started to apply these student-created resources and assess their effectiveness via surveys. We hope to show the value employing student ingenuity can provide to the UNMSOM, and argue that student resource groups should be actively created and supported by this and other institutions both locally and nationally.

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