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Only by careful analysis of the complete text can any determination be made as to authorship. Identification of the chronicler by name would help one to evaluate his writings more accurately. It would make possible an examination of his career to ascertain the prejudices which may be contained in his chronicle. If his name is not forthcoming, there may appear certain salient facts regarding his place of residence, occupation, social class, and political views. For example, if he is consistently interested in describing battle tactics and the minor details of warfare, this might suggest that he was a soldier. His familiarity with certain regions could well indicate where he lived.

In attempting to break this barrier of anonymity, the first phase will consist of locating his areas of interest geographically. Was he a Londoner, a person living elsewhere in England, or a foreigner? This will be followed by an inquiry into his interests, in the hope that this latter investigation will reveal his occupation, status, and political sympathies. Was he of the clergy? Does he repeatedly mention one specific gild? Does he favor the king or certain factions of the nobility? If these and similar questions can be answered, then more will be known about the author.

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