Electronic Theses and Dissertations

The University of New Mexico is proud to showcase the theses and dissertations of our graduate students. They have been collected here for public access and scholarly review, and all have received approval from the Dean of Graduate Studies at UNM.

Graduate Studies, the central graduate academic administrative unit at the University of New Mexico, is committed to helping our students succeed. Our staff is eager to assist students, staff, and faculty with all their graduate school needs.

Now that you have written and successfully defended your thesis or your dissertation, it is time for you to format your manuscript and submit it this digital repository here at UNM (Ph.D. students must also submit their manuscript to ProQuest). For information on the process, including formatting procedures, manuscript submissions, and delaying public access (embargo), please visit Graduate Studies website and explore our degree completion resources.

For information or questions regarding our procedure, forms, protocol, or the availability of your thesis or dissertation, please reach out to our Manuscript Coordinator, Rikk Murphy, or by phone at 505.277.1206. For technical questions or problems uploading to the repository, please contact DISC.

Cultural Sensitivity Statement

The UNM College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences’ department of Digital Initiatives and Scholarly Communications (DISC) provides digital access to campus research including the University's thesis and dissertations as evidence of degree fulfillment. The University was founded in 1889 and some published items reflect the perspectives and biases of the time in which they were created. Following best professional practices, UNM preserves data in its original form to retain authenticity and facilitate research, therefore, digital surrogates may include racial, derogatory, and demeaning language that we acknowledge is problematic. Insensitive or offensive language is not condoned by UNM. Photos, terms, depictions, and annotations reflect the attitude of the author or the period in which the item was created. These may be considered inappropriate today. 

We also strive to be respectful of the beliefs and practices of the many cultures that have been the subjects of research by members of the University. Additionally, in 2021 the College endorsed the Protocols for Native American Archival Materials which are guidelines for libraries and archives to engage in respectful stewardship of Native American collections. Therefore, we are continually working to learn about and follow cultural protocols for sensitive materials. This may include providing mediated access or restricting digital access to all or parts of specific theses and dissertations. These actions will be noted in an item record’s comments field. For items originally published in print form, a complete physical copy is retained by the library and may be accessed on site. 

Please contact DISC if you find items that may need to be reviewed. 


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