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Educators have become more and more concerned with the emotional area in the lives of children. M special interest has been that of anxiety and its relationship to learning. Various scales have been developed to measure anxiety in children. Several investigators, such as Wrightman, Cox, Feather, Lunneborg, and Pachecho have made significant studies which show that anxiety or fear correlates negatively with achievement. Further, Phillips, Hindsman and Jennings,

Feldhusenand Klausmeier, Cauble, and others have shown that anxiety or fear and intelligence are negatively correlated. Grooms and Endler and Maltzman, Eisman, and Morrisett found contradictory results in that high anxiety did not correlate negatively with performance. Castaneda, McCandless, andPalermo assumed that anxiety is drive or motivation in an

Individual; and Reed showed mild anxiety to be a motivator to better performance1

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