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The purpose of this investigation was:

1) to study the d-amino acid oxidase activity in the tumorous and nontumorous liver areas of animals fed different azo dyes;

2) to determine whether any decrease in enzyme activity was due to the lack of apoenzyme, its coenzyme or both;

3) to observe the effect of additional dietary riboflavin upon liver and tumor d-amino acid oxidase activity in animals bearing hepatomas in an effort to determine whether the vitamin could still be utilized in these tissues;

4) to compare succinoxidase activity in the different livers and hepatomas since this enzyme system is also dependent upon dietary riboflavin for its proper function; and

5) to determine the overall respiration of tissue slices from the tumorous and nontumorous liver areas when compared with slices from various control livers.



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UNM Biology Department

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Wilburn John Eversole

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Martin William Fleck

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William Jacob Koster

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