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We introduce an application of a mobile transient network architecture on top of the current Internet. This paper is an application extension to a conceptual mobile network architecture. It attempts to specifically reinforce some of the powerful notions exposed by the architecture from an application perspective. Of these notions, we explore the network expansion layer, an overlay of components and services, that enables a persistent identification network and other required services. The overlay abstraction introduces several benefits of which mobility and communication across heterogenous network structures are of interest to this paper. We present implementations of several components and protocols including gateways, Agents and the Open Device Access Protocol. Our present identification network implementation exploits the current implementation of the Handle System through the use of distributed, global and persistent identifiers called handles. Handles are used to identify and locate devices and services abstracting any physical location or network association from the communicating ends. A communication framework is finally demonstrated that would allow for mobile devices on the public Internet to have persistent identifiers and thus be persistently accessible either directly or indirectly. This application expands IP inter-operability beyond its current boundaries.

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