Background: Compliance with follow-up after orthopaedic procedures is variable and does not always occur as recommended. Various factors such as medical, financial, cultural, and logistical reasons may contribute to this lack of compliance. The purpose of this study was to determine follow-up compliance of patients who had undergone open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) for treating closed malleolar ankle fractures.

Methods: Medical records of patients who underwent ORIF for treating closed malleolar ankle fractures by the senior author (RAM) were reviewed to evaluate compliance with postoperative follow-up (n = 267). Inclusion criteria were patients with isolated, acute, closed fractures (n = 229). Patients were considered to have followed up appropriately if they returned to clinic after a removable cast boot was issued at 4 to 8 weeks postoperatively. A 2-tailed t test was performed to analyze age and visual analogue scale score at the time of obtaining the removable cast boot. Chi-square testing was performed to analyze the other variables studied.

Results: Of the 229 patients included, a total of 183 complied with follow-up whereas 46 did not. Younger age, male sex, and living greater than 160.9 km (100 mi) from the hospital were statistically significant variables associated with decreased compliance with follow-up.

Conclusions: In our patient population, 80% of patients followed up in clinic as scheduled. The remaining 20% did not adhere with scheduled followup either before or after obtaining a removable cast boot. Younger age, male sex, and living greater than 100 miles from the hospital were associated with decreased compliance. Consideration should be paid to these factors when treating patients with ankle fractures.

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