Metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint fusion or replacement are commonly performed for treating advanced arthritis of the MTP joint of the great toe. However, results of MTP joint arthroplasty have shown no clear advantages compared to those of fusion. We present a 72-year old woman (case 1), 66-year-old woman (case 2), and 64-yearold man (case 3) who underwent unsuccessful MTP joint replacement of the great toe and presented to our clinic with pain at 15, 1, and 20 years postoperatively, respectively. Operative resection has been scheduled for case 1, whereas symptoms were managed nonoperatively in case 2. In case 3, operative removal of the prosthesis and fusion led to resolution of symptoms at 6-month follow-up, but a nonunion was noted. Although MTP joint arthroplasty can be helpful for treating joints such as in the knee, surgeons should consider other operative procedures for treating MTP joint arthritis of the great toe.

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