Background: Residents frequently use the internet to find material on fellowship programs. The Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA) website serves as a central hub for information on an orthopaedic trauma fellowship (OTF). This study aims to evaluate the accessibility, content, and perceived importance of OTF websites.

Methods: We reviewed the 49 OTFs accredited by the OTA fellowship database as of January 2014. We searched for corresponding OTF websites by using the provided OTA hyperlinks and conducting a separate Google search of program location and institution. Links to websites of general orthopaedic programs were not counted. Content of OTF websites was analyzed by noting the presence or absence of specific items in fellow education (11 items) and recruitment (5 items).

Results: Of 49 OTFs, a total of 39 (80%) websites specific to the fellowship were identified by searching the OTA database and Google browser. Seven (14%) programs listed on the OTA database provided links directly to fellowship programs. Most programs (28; 57%) did not provide links to specific OTFs or provided non-functional links on the OTA website. Of the 39 accessible OTF websites, a total of 24 (61%) had complete information regarding recruitment and 14 (36%) provided complete details on education.

Conclusions: Most accredited OTFs do not adequately use the internet to provide easily accessible and complete information. Further details (especially regarding the role, education, and schedule) would help prospective candidates in thoroughly evaluating programs. The discrepancy in content and accessibility can hinder prospective fellows from appropriately investigating fellowship programs.

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