The preparticipation examination (PPE) is commonly performed to screen for potentially detrimental health conditions in competitive athletes to help decrease rates of morbidity and mortality associated with participation in sports. However, the significant clinical impact of PPE in the United States has yet to be determined. We describe an 18-year-old female athlete who presented with dizziness and a right-sided limp at 8 days after initial injury. Findings of PPE examination indicated that she had unknowingly sustained a concussion during a volleyball match and continued to play, which resulted in injury to the right foot. Despite abnormal findings of magnetic resonance imaging, the symptoms of concussion completely resolved at 3 weeks after initial injury. A modified return-to-play protocol and cast boot for 6 weeks were used, with progressive return to full physical activity. Athletes and coaches should be aware of any possible symptoms of concussion in preventing subsequent injuries during sports-related activities.

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