Background: Partly threaded cannulated screws (PTCS) are currently recommended for management of slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE), but no advantage of these screws over fully threaded cannulated screws (FTCS) has been demonstrated. We investigated whether PTCS are more difficult to remove than FTCS.

Methods: The records of 33 patients who underwent implant removal after operative treatment of SCFE were reviewed, and the following data were collected: age and sex of the patient, type of screw used (partly or fully threaded), length of removal operation, and any comments on the difficulty of screw removal.

Results: Sixty-one percent of operative reports for patients in whom PTCS had been used mentioned difficulty in screw removal, compared with 10% of reports for patients given FTCS (P = 0.0094). Average time for removal of screws was 85 minutes for PTCS (n = 4) and 38 minutes for FTCS (n = 4) (P < 0.05).

Conclusion: In this series, PTCS were more difficult to remove than FTCS, and removal took significantly longer. Our findings support for routine use of FTCS in patients with SCFE.

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