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This dataset was created for the digital exhibit "And Yet She Persisted: Documenting Women's Lives in New Mexico." Please see the exhibit data page for more information about this dataset.

As of July 24, 2020, the dataset consists of 13,483 records of degrees conferred by the University of New Mexico between 1894 and 1959. The data was extracted from scanned documents in the UNM Archives, including:

These scanned documents were processed using PDFMiner, Notepad ++, and MS Excel. Degree recipients' sex was coded based on first and middle names, and the presence of suffixes (Jr., II, III, etc.); if the names were ambiguous or unknown, the sex was coded as "U."

As of July 24, 2020, there are no plans to include more data in this dataset.

degree-data-1894-1959-data-only.csv (740 kB)
Dataset in CSV format

degree-data-1894-1959-data-only.txt (740 kB)
Dataset in tab-delimited text format