Daily Lobo

The University of New Mexico's student newspaper began in 1898 as a monthly paper called The Mirage. It has undergone several name and format changes since then. The Mirage first became a weekly paper in 1902. In January 1904, it became U.N.M. Weekly. In March 1923, it was renamed the New Mexico Lobo. In February 1950, it became The New Mexico Daily Lobo for one year before returning to the New Mexico Lobo. And in 1971 it switched back to the New Mexico Daily Lobo which it has been ever since.

The repository currently contains scanned issues from 1899-1985.

Issues from 1986 to 2001 are available on microfilm in the library. We plan to scan and add these issues as time permits.

Issues after 2001 are available from the Daily Lobo Archives.


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