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A sub-committee of the Senate Library Committee of UBC examined the relationship between serials and electronic technology, and the principles, which should underlie holding or accessing journals and producing electronic publications locally. The work was done during the summer of 1994 and a report published by the end of that year. This article is based on my experience working on this task group and do not mirror the final report.. This was also presented — in part — at an EBSCO\u2122 Executive Seminar in August 1994. The information has been updated since the session where necessary. Recommendations have been made regarding critical factors which the University will need to address as it moves in the direction of a "virtual library". The relationship between serials and technology is complex and multi-facetted, embracing the Faculty member as author, the University as employer, the interactions between copyright and publishing, the academic tradition of freedom in knowledge exchange, and the long held notions of appropriate use and fair access. The article discuss these issues in greater detail.



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At Your Service



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Digital library, Libraries, Serials, Serials crisis, Scholalrly Publishing, Electronic journals


This is a pre-print of work pulished as: "Just in case or just in time: Exploring serials and electronic technology issues at the University of British Columbia" At Your Service, 1996, Jan/Feb/Mar; #35: 4-6.



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