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As the University of New Mexico responded to the coronavirus pandemic with emergency building closures and a shift to online services, the University Libraries faced challenges making and maintaining personal connections with users in the absence of face-to-face contact. Recognizing that necessary public health restrictions isolated all students, faculty, and staff to some extent, a science librarian and an English librarian collaborated to develop a series of three Zoom-facilitated programs that provided fun activities (i.e., a movie watch party, a book discussion, and a team trivia game) to engage a socially distanced campus community while highlighting various library resources. They hosted the series in June/July 2020 and again in Jan/Feb 2021. This file collection captures planning documents and other program artifacts that will prove useful in replicating these events at other libraries.


event planning, academic libraries, science fiction, outreach

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The zipped folder includes the following sub-folders and documents:


  • Marketing text document (.docx)
  • Social media image (.png)
  • White text logo (.png)
  • Web image (.jpg)
  • Promotional flyer (.pdf)

Planning Docs

  • Logistics document (.docx)
  • Science fiction holdings (.docx)
  • Call for volunteers text (.docx)
  • Program Plan (.docx)

Book Discussion

  • Book discussion guide (.docx)
  • Ebook selection planning (.xlsx)

Team Trivia Game

  • Trivia questions (.xlsx)
  • Trivia score sheet (.xlsx)
  • Trivia host guide (.docx)
  • Trivia game slide (.pptx)
  • Trivia round forms (.pdf) -- originally used Google Forms
  • Trivia music clips (.mp3)

Movie Watch-along

  • Movie Host Notes (.docx)
  • Movie night slide (.pptx)


  • Post-event surveys (.pdf) -- originally used Microsoft Forms