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Sunshine Week is a national effort to promote the importance of open government and freedom of information. Although originally begun as a news media initiative, it has grown to include community groups, libraries, schools, governments, and others who are committed to civic engagement and access to information. For academic libraries, Sunshine Week offers opportunities for forge collaborations with campus and community partners, and to connect programming with broader student learning goals. This chapter makes the case for Sunshine Week as a mechanism for bringing together campus and community groups around issues of common concern, either as a standalone effort or as part of a broader program focused on civic engagement. It features a partnership between the library, journalism program and donors at New Mexico State University, but includes ideas and resources that are transferable to other settings.


IGI Global

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Innovative Solutions for Building Community in Academic Libraries


ISBN 978-1-4666-8392-1


civic engagement, civic knowlege, community outreach, academic libraries, public records, open meetings, sunshine week

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