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Academics have become increasingly interdisciplinary while at the same time, the sciences, engineering and research in general are increasingly data driven. Most higher education curricula, especially in Engineering are, however, still rooted in more traditional, discipline bound curricula and make little use of the vast amounts of data available. We describe an experimental course that address this and aims to include women from non-engineering fields. The interdisciplinary course took a data driven approach to the intersection of womens issues, water rights, and workers' rights, taught by faculty from Civil Engineering, History, American Studies, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Geography, and Informatics. We provide an analysis of how students adapted to this novel approach and what impact it may have on female students' career choices, especially in engineering. The course familiarized students with the use of cyber-based tools (e.g., shared databases, internet portals, monitoring devices/sensors, visualization, data collection and analysis tools) to gather, depict, compare and/or reuse data.'



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Conference Proceedings, International Conference on Engineering Education and Research

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International Conference on Engineering Education and Research, ICEER 2013, Marrakesh, Morocco


Women in Engineering, Water data, Women data, Work data, Interdisciplinary teaching, Informatics, Cyber-Infrastructure


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