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The lack of consistent wide-spread media coverage of recent events in North America involving violence against Native Americans and African Americans in the U.S., missing and murdered indigenous women, led the authors to a thoughtful discussion about the similar and parallel issues shared by our people. Although the deaths of Michael Brown (August 9, 2014, Ferguson, MO), Eric Garner (July 17, 2014, NY), and Sandra Bland (July 13, 2015, TX) were nationally covered news events; the deaths of Misty Upham, Blackfeet (October 5, 2014, WA); Native American activist Rexdale Henry, Choctaw (July 14, 2015, MS), and Christina Tahhahwah, Comanche (November 13, 2014, OK), appear to have been covered locally, and shared from far fewer, predominantly Native, social media sources, if at all. The researchers undertook a project to see if Native American rappers were rapping about what went on in their communities, on reservations and pueblos, 20 years after Shakur’s death. The researchers will share their experience identifying Native American lyricists/musicians, creating a dataset from commercially available rap music, selecting digital humanities software, and analyzing the data.


Paper to accompany presentation at the Institute of American Indian Arts 2016 Conference, March 31-April 1, 2016

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Institute of American Indian Arts 2016 Conference

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