La Sociedad Protección Mutua de Trabajadores Unidos was founded in 1900 by Celedonio Mondragón in Antonito, Colorado. The SPMDTU is the oldest active Hispanic mutualista society and fraternal insurance provider with its concilio superior or headquarters in Antonito, and numerous local concilios scattered throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. The SPMDTU was formed to address the needs of Hispano workers in Colorado's San Luis Valley, provide life insurance for its members, as well as conduct fraternal and social functions in the localities of the chapters. The organization was established under the insurance laws of the State of Colorado, and assists the Spanish-speaking Hispanic population of the Southwest. The membership of the SPMDTU has been, and continues to be, predominantly male, but includes women as well. Members were offered life insurance or 20-year Payment Life Policies. Additionally, members in good standing make recommendations for prospective new members, and they and their families qualify for life insurance at premiums available exclusively to those in the group. Biannual conventions of the SPMDTU have been held in various locations throughout the Southwest since 1980, and local chapters continue to conduct their own meetings on a regular basis.

The Sociedad Protección Mutua de Trabajadores Unidos Records collection in the UNM Digital Repository consists of digitized selections from the SPMDTU archival collection at the Center for Southwest Research along with additional materials provided by Dr. José Rivera.


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13. Arnold Valdez Collection – Concilio Superior Restoration Project

14. Antonio Esquibel Collection – Concilio Superior Second Restoration Project 2018-2023

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