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Fall 12-28-1956


The Phonology of the Spanish of El Prado, New Mexico is a descriptive study of the phonetics and phonemics of the Spanish spoken in the area known as El Prado, just north of Taos, New Mexico. Although the Spanish of the entire area surrounding Taos is essentially the same, for the sake of simplicity and convenience the thesis has been limited to El Prado. Also, informants were more readily found in El Prado than in Taos itself.

The purpose of this study is to provide and objective description of a spoken Spanish dialect applying the methodology of linguistics to a written language. The phonology of El Prado is described within its own framework and not from the standpoint of comparison to other Spanish dialects.

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Spanish (MA)

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Spanish and Portuguese

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Stanley Newman

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Spanish, Spanish Dialects, Phonology, Linguistics, El Prado, New Mexico

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