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Much has been written on the balladry of the US. and Mexico. Much has been written on the musical tradition in New Mexico. Much has been written on the tradition of Inditas in New Mexico and Southern Colorado. So one must ask the question, why another study on a subject which many have exhausted? This thesis is written in hopes of adding to the dialogue these scholars have left us. It is also written in hopes of providing an anthology or canon that in times past did not exist or was inaccessible for scholarly analysis. Since most Inditas are dispersed in various books, articles, archives and collections a comprehensive analysis has been rather difficult. This study seeks to address this challenge. The author seeks to revisit the Indita Genre and its socio-cultural significance by proposing a classification of five types of Inditas that have been found in New Mexico, Southern Colorado, Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and California. While they are much more common in the first two regions, songs found in the latter four, confirm that the tradition originated in Mexico and reached all its territories. In the New Mexico/ Southern Colorado region it flourished the most, where musically and poetically it became one of New Mexico's greatest contributions to the Hispanic balladry in the Southwest. (Cobos 1950, Lamadrid 2002)

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Indita Ballad Nuevomexicano folk music traditions

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