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While several critics and researchers have investigated various aspects of La hystoria de la reyna Sebilla, no edition exists that includes an introduction with an overview of this critical analysis. The first goal of this edition is to faithfully reproduce the text of La hystoria de la reyna Sebilla as contained in the 1551 version published in Burgos by Juan de Junta and today, codex R/11908 of the Biblioteca Nacional de España in Madrid (HRS 1551 henceforth). Extensive research exists as regards both the various versions of the narrative of La hystoria de la reyna Sebilla and more generally the topic of falsely accused queens. However, those interested in a more comprehensive understanding of the topic would need to complete extensive research themselves in order to join the many details found in articles and books with a much narrower scope and focus on individual perspectives of the topics in comparison to other versions of the same narrative in other languages. A second goal, then, is to combine these two areas: a) recent findings on La hystoria de la reyna Sebilla and b) a general perspective on the topic of the falsely accused queen. Focusing on HRS 1551 and the circumstances surrounding the false accusation will serve as an introduction to this sub-genre of romance narratives.

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Romances, Spanish -- History and criticism, Charlemagne, Emperor, 742-814 -- Romances -- History and critcism, Queens in literature

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