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Nearly all students of Latin American Literature come to their study with a background or parallel study in Peninsular Literature and at least one other literature, such as French or English. Such a student finds that until the last decade of the nineteenth century, when the Modernist movement exerted its influence, the literature of Spanish American was either scorned or ignored outside its own continent, that as a serious literary study it was not a part of university curricula until about thirty years ago, and that the critical writing he has been accustomed to consulting in other literatures is simply non-existent. Histories of the development of genre and movements are few and those that do exist are of very recent vintage; the works of many important authors are either out of print or remain unedited—hence valuable introductory material is lacking; journals and literary magazines are sporadic in publication and often short-lived. Thus the student who has begun to formulate his own critical philosophy, to know the importance of critical studies and to rely on them for the depening of his own understanding, finds himself bemused by the scarcity of critical commentary, the apparent lack of nay coherent critical position in many of the studies, and their general formlessness.

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Spanish (MA)

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Spanish and Portuguese

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