Spanish and Portuguese ETDs

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Fall 11-14-2022


In this dissertation, we analyze how a group of artists negotiate through their novels and cultural performances a repertoire of meanings on inequality and plurality, formulating a program of socio-cultural transformation via literature. In the first two chapters, we examine the work by Colombian author Augusto Morales Pino (comprised of four volumes), as proponent of a transnational genealogy of economic development, offering a repertoire of meanings and practices for contemporary public policy in which the concept of middle class predominates. I argue that these representations actively shape the possibility and limits of the contemporary models of inclusion and cultural citizenship. The last two chapters analyze the limits of social mobility and inclusion through the attainment and performance of specific cultural tokens related to class as they appear in contemporary Colombian and Brazilian novels and saraus (cultural street performances) by Marcos Vinicius Faustini, Velia Vidal, and the cultural collective Paneira.

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Spanish & Portuguese (PhD)

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Spanish and Portuguese

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Dr. Miguel López

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Dr. Santiago Vaquera Vásquez

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Dr. Leila Lehnen

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Dr. Abel Ricardo López




Middle Class, Brazil, Colombia, Neoliberalism, Liberal Republic, National Front

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