Spanish and Portuguese ETDs

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Spring 5-15-2022


In this dissertation, we analyze a selection of works, both literary and filmic, in order to explore how they connect ecological realities with the social, economic and cultural realms. Through the analysis of novels, biographies and films by Caribbean and Brazilian authors, this analysis will focus, in particular, on how these works show the impact of the imposition of the plantation, the modernization discourse, the ongoing colonial experience, and the dismissal of traditional and local knowledge and practices, on ecological problems in the past and in the present. By ecological, we do refer to the interconnectedness between the human and non-human spheres.

Each of the authors we analyze addresses the ecological problems through the lens of the social, economic and cultural contexts of their time. These authors and filmmakers have a critical perspective that questions dominant discourses and practices, but also proposes alternatives to the current ecological dilemmas.

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Spanish & Portuguese (PhD)

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Spanish and Portuguese

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Dr. Anna M. Nogar

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Dr. Paulo Dutra

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Dr. Judy Bieber

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Dr. Ana M. Mutis




ecocriticism, postcoloniality, Caribbean, Brazil, ecology, discourses of progress

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