Spanish and Portuguese ETDs

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Spring 4-29-2020


In this dissertation, I analyze a selection of works by eight Latin American female authors in order to explore how they represent the process of the social construction of women’s identities and roles in the male-dominated social, institutional, familial, and personal spaces that force women into particular positions of subordination. This analysis will focus, in particular, on how women writers represent the hegemonic systems of legality and science in order to highlight their role in the reproduction of values, practices, and institutions that maintain male control and female exploitation.

Each of the authors I analyze addresses the construction of women’s social roles and identities within the modern institutions of legality and science through their female characters and poetic voices. These authors have a discerning eye on their cultural context and, at times, a biting tongue as they demand social change and project what it could look like.

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Spanish & Portuguese (PhD)

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Spanish and Portuguese

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Eleuterio Santiago-Díaz

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Kimberle López

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Miguel López

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Adriana González Mateos




Puerto Rico, Mexico, Gender Construction, Discourse Analysis, Desire, Female Oppression

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