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The Romance of Flamenca is one of the finer though lesser known works of mediaeval literature. In order to bring this thirteenth century masterpiece before a larger literary audience, several scholars have published translations of it in French and in English. An Old Provençal text without a modern translation has not appeared since 1901.

For those American students wishing to read Flamenca in Old Provençal, the scarcity of an available text is further hampered by the lack of an up to date Old Provençal grammar written in English and of an Old Provençal English dictionary. These deficiencies are minimized in this edition of Flamenca. The Old Provençal text was taken from a microfilm of the manuscript and is accompanied, for paleographic reference, by a photocopy of the entire manuscript. The introductory material describes the manuscript, the plot and the language of both author and scribe. The Old Provençal text is supported by textual notes (syntactic, contextual and paleographic); by paradigms of all irregular verbs used in the text; by an index of place and proper names found in the story; and by an extensive Old Provençal English etymological vocabulary.

In the form in which it is presented in this edition, the Romance of Flamenca can be read in the original language by a beginning student of Old Provençal without having to consult additional and difficult to find reference works.

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