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Julian Palley

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This essay is an attempt to prove that a conflict or dialectic between Being and Non-Being, between love and nothingness, can be traced throughout the poetry of Pedro Salinas. This study is meant to be exhaustive only in this sense. There are many other possible approaches to the work of this fecund madrileño, and there is no suggestion that any of these are invalid. The virtue of any great work of art is that it can be examined from many different, even conflicting, points of view and each will retain its validity. The writer believes, however, that this dialectic is at the center of the circle of Salinas' lyrical expression, and should not be neglected for the proper critical apperception of his work. Other themes the poet favored will be delineated during the course of this study in order to put this central theme in its proper perspective.

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Spanish & Portuguese (PhD)

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Spanish and Portuguese

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