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The Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center (HSLIC) created ten Reading Is Healthy Book Club Kits and made them available for checkout to public libraries and community organizations in New Mexico. Each kit includes eight copies of a book club selection along with discussion questions and health literacy materials.

The goals of this project are to encourage conversations around health and wellness topics, destigmatize the discussion of health topics, and increase health literacy in our communities. This aligns with HSLIC’s strategic goal to empower our communities to engage with health information.

These bifold brochures were create by HSLIC staff as part of the health literacy materials that accompany each checked out kit. Each brochure addresses a health literacy topic of importance to our communities.

For more information or to request a kit for your library, visit our Reading Is Healthy Book Club Kits homepage.

HSLIC_Health-Lit_Bifold Disability.pdf (10949 kB)
Disability Health Literacy

HSLIC_Health-Lit_Bifold Aging.pdf (17088 kB)
Healthy Aging

HSLIC_Health-Lit_Bifold Environment.pdf (14778 kB)
Environmental Health Literacy

HSLIC_Health-Lit_Bifold Health Literacy.pdf (11737 kB)
Health Literacy

HSLIC_Health-Lit_Bifold LGBTQ+.pdf (12763 kB)
LGBTQ+ Health

HSLIC_Health-Lit_Bifold Mental Health.pdf (10473 kB)
Mental Health

HSLIC_Health-Lit_Bifold Substance Misuse.pdf (12414 kB)
Substance Misuse