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The red leak in the red 􀀉and of the ultraviolet filter (Corning #9863) of the standard UBV photometric system is investigated. Astronomical photometry is discussed in general, and UBV photometry in particular. The photometric system used in this work is also discussed, including telescope, phototube, filters, and amplifier. The standard filters of the UBV system are used, but the standard phototube of this system is not used. An analytic representation of the red leak magnitude correction is developed.

Sixty-five measurements were made for a wide variety of stars from spectral class B3 to spectral class M2. The red leak correction is found to be small for all stars (<0.050), and the logarithm of the correction can be adequately represented as a cubic in the conol index Cy. It is also found that there is no detectable luminosity dependence of the red leak magnitude correction. The results are compared with those obtained by Shao and Young.

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