Pharmaceutical Sciences ETDs

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Spring 1-10-2017


There have been many changes in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging field as several radiopharmaceuticals have recently been approved and many others on the horizon. Ensuring the compliance with the increasingly aggressive national, federal, and state regulatory has become a critical piece of PET manufacturing and Nuclear Pharmacy.

As a nuclear pharmacist, I have been searching for the way I can better contribute to the progress of this field with an ultimate goal of proving safe and effective healthcare to the patients. In order to do so, strengthening my expertise is essential. In this thesis, I would like to capture and narrate my professional growth, by focusing on three projects, 1) Assisting in translational work for a radiolabeled monoclonal antibody, 2) Performing Germanium analysis, and 3) Establishing an environmental monitoring program at my work place.

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Jeffrey P. Norenberg, PharmD, PhD,

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Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Kristina M. Wittstrom, PhD

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Stephen M. Moerlein, PhD

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College of Pharmacy



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PET Nuclear Pharmacist, Clinical Translation, radiolabeled monoclonal antibody, Germanium analysis, environmental monitoring program