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Summer 6-6-1951


This study has been undertaken in the hope of helping to open new avenues of research in both philosophy and anthropology, avenues that have heretofore been largely overlooked. It has used as an example the pre-Conquest culture-complex of the Valley of Mexico. It is not intended to be an exhaustive exposition of every aspect of that complex, for that would take it out of the realm of philosophy and too far into that of anthropology. It is rather an examination of the salient features of Aztec culture in a philosophical light. It begins with a discussion of primitive philosophy in general based on the thesis that philosophy is a universal activity of man's mind rather than a given product of it. The remainder of the study is largely an attempt to show that the indigenous peoples of the Valley of Mexico were all well beyond the primitive not only in their material culture but in philosophical thought as well.

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Hubert Griggs Alexander

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Archie J. Bahm

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Frank C. Hibben




Aztec, Valley of Mexico, Philosophy, Anthropology, Cosmogony, Metaphysics, Art

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