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The Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA) integrated contractors are required to comply with all the rules, regulations, and cost accounting standards promulgated by the Cost Accounting Standards Board. Because of the unique contracting relationship that exists between these contractors and the government, there was a question whether this compliance results in any monetary benefits to the government. Or, does compliance only result in increased contract costs?

A review was made of the results of the study conducted by the Comptroller General of the United States to determine the feasibility of applying cost accounting standards to negotiated defense contracts. The Cost Account­ing Standards Board, its purpose, objectives, organization, and method of operation were reviewed. These reviews were made in order to understand what the cost accounting standards are supposed to accomplish.

An estimate of the monetary benefits to the government resulting from the ERDA integrated contractor compliance was made by comparing the cost accounting standards to the ERDA internal regulations. In order to do this, five of the ten cost accounting standards promulgated through fiscal year 1975 were selected at random. The purpose as stated in each standard was compared to the accounting controls of the ERDA Manual and ERDA Procurement Regulations. No monetary benefits could be identified.

The cost of compliance was determined by surveying the eight integrated contractors administered by Albuquerque Operations Office (ALO) of ERDA. The ERDA audit costs that could be directly related to the ALO integrated contractors were also considered. The results of the study showed costs of $178,872 that could be directly related to the ALO integrated contractor compliance with the cost accounting standards.

The same contracting relationship exists between all ERDA integrated contractors and the government. The same rules and regulations apply to all of the ERDA integrated contractors. Therefore, there is no reason to believe the results of this study will not apply ERDA wide rather than just to the ALO integrated contractors.

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