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Spring 4-26-2020


Embudo Valley Library is planning to build a permanent stage and improve their grounds to become a public park. In what ways can this project stimulate a creative placemaking community development strategy for Dixon, NM? The research goals are to learn how this project can contribute to revitalization, equity, and creating a cohesive community that retains its historic and cultural essence. The research includes an overview of the community context, a literature review about creative placemaking and community development strategies, and three surveys, the results of which will inform the project. Conclusions are that human centered design and equitable development are effective community planning methodologies that shape investments based on the needs of the users. Placemaking is transformed into placekeeping through practices that elevate community history and identity. Public park infrastructure investments produce equity when improvements to the built environment are linked to wealth building strategies for local residents.

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Public Administration

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School of Public Administration

First Committee Member (Chair)

Dr. Agustín León-Moreta

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Dr. Melissa Binder

Third Committee Member

Dr. Shuyang Peng


Center for Regional Studies




placekeeping, equitable development, rural public library, creative placemaking, community development

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