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The Criminal court Psychiatric Evaluation Clinic is one of the latest efforts being made to assist the criminal justice system in increasing its effectiveness and responsiveness to society and the offender. The primary goal of the clinic i s to provide the courts with professional diagnostic services regarding the alleged or convicted offender. To achieve its intended objectives, the court clinic must function as an independent cooperative organization within the greater structure of the criminal justice system. This introduction of the court clinic into the larger established organization will subject all parties concerned to the pressures and problems of interpersonal relations and group dynamics. The general attitude of the criminal justice system is typified by incarceration and punishment, while most Mental Health personnel, who are the primary force in the court clinic, are of the opinion that "criminals" can be rehabilitated or prevented. Interacting groups possessing divergent philosophies of this magnitude are somewhat unique within the structure of organizations, thereby adding to the problem of inter-personal relations. To overcome this problem a dynamic administrator is necessary. Therefore, it is hypothesized that the key to a successful court clinic is an informed, objective and flexible administrator.

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Public Administration

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School of Public Administration

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Donald Winston Smithburg

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Joanne W. Sterling

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Albert H. Rosenthal

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