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Spring 4-11-2018


This dissertation is based on the idea that a leadership style is necessary to implement a lean culture within an organization. This research study employed a systematic literature review, from which a lean leadership model was developed. Based on the two principles of a lean organizational culture, 1. respect for people and 2. continuous improvement, three measurable variables were identified, respect, proactivity, and innovative work behavior. These three variables were connected to the lean leadership model. Leadership styles based on the full range model of leadership were used as independent variable(s). The overarching results of this study were: (1) transformational leadership drove respect, (2) management by exception (active) drove proactivity, and (3) transformational and transactional leadership drove innovative work behavior. But transformational leadership drove both, proactivity and innovative work behavior which was mediated by respect. Laissez fair leadership acts in the same way, but negatively. Also, a partial double mediation was confirmed that transformational leadership drove innovative work behavior which was mediated by respect and proactivity yet respect also drove innovative work behavior.

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Organization, Information and Learning Sciences

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Organization, Information & Learning Sciences

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Dr. Victor W. Law

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Dr. Charlotte Gunawardena

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Dr. Harry van Buren

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Dr. Christian A. Mias




lean, leadership, management, mediation, multivariate, MBEA, Transformational Leadership

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